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Send your computer file to the Needlework Retailer. Just click the 'Browse...' button to select the file to send. Click the 'Upload!' button to send. Repeat to send multiple files.

 Click 'Browse...' To Select The File To Send. Then Click 'Upload!'

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 Small files (under about 1 Mb) can also be sent as an email attachment to info@needleworkretailer.com

Please be patient. On a dial up phone connection a 1Mb (1,000 Kb) file will take about 5 to 10 minutes; a 10 Mb file 50 to 100 minutes; a cable or DSL modem speeds will be much faster, but it can still take several minutes. Your browser may have a status bar at the bottom of the screen that shows transfer progress. This program will accept files up to 150 Mb (150,000 Kb)

Please do not reduce the image quality of a .jpg image to reduce the file size. Also do not convert an image file into another format to reduce the image size (do not convert a .tif into .jpg, for example). Doing so will reduce the quality of the picture. Do not worry about sending too large of a file...we want your products to look their best!


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Needlework Retailer,117 Alexander Avenue, Ames, Iowa 50010. Phone: 800-561-5380 or 515-232-6507. Fax 515-232-0789. email info@needleworkretailer.com

For advertising information call Megan Chriswisser at 1-800-561-5380.

The Needlework Retailer is the only trade magazine devoted entirely to the counted cross stitch, needlepoint, and the needlework industry. Published by Yarn Tree 6 times a year and distributed free to retail stores in the US that sell needlework. Print subscriptions are available to others related to the industry in the United States for $14 for 6 issues; in Canada for $20 for 6 issues; other countries $43 for 6 issues. Online subscriptions are free. Sorry, subscriptions are not available to consumers.

If you are a retail needlework store and are not receiving the Needlework Retailer please use our Manage Subscription page or call us at 800-561-5380 to subscribe.